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Indermil Flexifuze Tissue Adhesive 0.75g (Box of 12)


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The next generation tissue adhesive with applicator

INDERMIL® flexifuze is ready-to-use, octyl blend cyanoacrylate product can be used for the closure of minor/ low tension skin wounds, including surgical and laproscopic incisions, trauma induced lacerations and where appropriate can be combined with deep dermal stitches.
This rapid-setting adhesive seals the skin in just 30 seconds* and will stay in place for five – eight days, whilst protecting the patient from microbial penetration and the risk of infection.

Features and Benefits of INDERMIL® flexifuze:

A gentle alternative for the patient:
• Reduced patient anxiety: No need for a return visit to remove sutures or staples
• Gentle on the skin: No invasive skin punctures
• Shower-proof: Patients can shower as soon as adhesive has dried
• 0.75g ampoule: Allows closure of multiple wounds on the same patient
• No discernable heat during application: No burning or stinging.

An easy alternative for the clinician:
• No need to refrigerate: Adhesive can be stored at room temperature (4-30 ̊C)
• Easy to use: Includes ow control applicator with patented brush tip
• Adhesive has a long working life (up to 20 minutes)
• Seals wound against microbial penetration
• May eliminate the use of sharps and therefore reduces the risk of needle-stick injury.