MILA Urinary Catheter 5fr x 25cm with stylet


Catheter used to unblock and leave indwelling to drain the bladder. This single device technique is designed to reduce the risk of infection and trauma associated with a two catheter technique. Flushing stylet enables flushing through the stylet during insertion. Moveable new suture device allows length adjustment. Non-irritating radiopaque polyurethane material with a finished open tip. Catheter is rigid for easy insertion and softens with body temperature. Finished open tip. Luer lock for secure attachment to a closed collection system. The 25cm length allows for the most flexibility when securing the catheter. The additional length allows for securement of the collection bag connector to occur at the tail or back of the cat, resulting in minimal catheter tension at the prepuce when the cat moves.

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Catheter Urinary 5fr x 25cm with stylet Ð MILA