Mindray SK500 Vet Syringe Driver (pre-owned)



  • Serviced, with a 3 month warranty (excludes battery) Sold as seen.
  • Three operating modes – Rate Mode, Time Mode and Body Weight Mode
    Wide range of injection rates
    Built-in double CPU
    Powerful alarm system with both audible and visible alarm signs
    Extreme flexibility in the use of syringes
    Wireless linkage with infusion supervision system
    Multiple modes for operators to choose
    Applicable to both adults and children, in normal and emergency cases
    Each CPU can serve as backup for the other, guaranteeing the stability of the system and the safety of patients even when one CPU
    breaks down
    Embedded pressure sensor for occlusion detection
    Multiple alarm signs to alert operators
    Almost all brands of standard syringes can be applied and automatically recognized by the module to save your cost and time
    Greatly reduces workload and turnaround time and ensures the safety of patients